The Power of She focuses on building confidence within young women by offering mentorship programs and workshops through their senior year of high school. We target girls who could benefit from a role model and a more dynamic peer group. The program will emphasize empowering our young women through crucial turning points during their senior year. This program will also give young professional women the opportunity to give back and make a difference. There are so many women who are obviously Uncomfortable With Average in their everyday lives, it only makes sense that we recruit some of them to mentor some of the up and coming best women around.

The Power of She is the brain child of two of the founders, Brittani and Cherice. As the two friends sat and reminisced on high school, they were reminded specifically of their senior year. Both women thought about how grateful they were to have mentors during that time before they went off to college. For hours, they traded stories on how particular mentors had shaped certain aspect of their lives. The more the pair talked, the more they realized they wanted to be the mentors some girls needed and they wanted to impact lives, the way theirs had been impacted. Following a conversation with another friend and the third Her Success Founder, She’Neil; Brittani learned that all 3 friends shared the desire to impact young women. She proposed the idea of marrying Cherice’s  idea to mentor high school seniors and She’Neil’s idea of mentoring budding entrepreneurs into one collaborative effort that would ultimately specialize in expanding the limits of extraordinary young women who are often overlooked, discredited, or underrepresented.

We are excited to start pairing mentors and mentees. We know that the journey to becoming truly Uncomfortable With Average may not necessarily be easy. However, we firmly believe that with the right mentors and hard work, anything is possible!