She Owns It is a program that equips young women with the tools needed to be become entrepreneurial in all of their endeavors. We do this through a number of hands on activities, connecting like minded women through networking, and building a community of mentorship with new and established women business owners. We also create a platform for women business owners to give back with Her Success, Inc. through panels, collaborations, and sponsorship opportunities to name a few.

The idea for She Owns It was formed by the two founders, She’Neil and Brittani, who are both entrepreneurs themselves. They started their journey together in January of 2015, by establishing their businesses the same day, but this unique bond began many years prior. They were both enrolled in the School of Business, marketing majors at the time, and were on the same freshman entrant team!  At Howard they joined Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, were initiates of the same class, and served as president and vice president their senior year.

As the two were in their first year of establishing their businesses She’Neil wanted to create a unique philanthropic business model with her beauty brand. She shared the idea of donating a certain amount of proceeds from sales to a women’s organization focusing on entrepreneurship. She communicated this idea to Brittani asking for input, but Brittani was two steps ahead of her. Brittani was already in conversation with another friend and the third Her Success Founder, Cherice; about building an organization that would be impactful to young women. She proposed marrying the ideas for the Power of She and She Owns It. This umbrella is now known as Her Success, Inc.; a 501(c)(3) organization that specialize in expanding the limits of extraordinary young women who are often overlooked, discredited, or underrepresented. We know their is an entrepreneurial spirit within all women, sometimes they just need someone to light the fire within. So join our movement and we will see you all at the top!