Three Friends. Two Ideas. One Vision.

Brittani Treadway

Brittani’s family is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama but like her co-founders, she grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She attended Howard University where she studied Marketing. At Howard University she was very active on campus and participated in the 21st Century Advantage Program, Howard University’s Royal Court, French Culture Club, and was also a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi: Professional Business Fraternity. After spending four years in college and growing to love the DMV, she decided to officially put down roots in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Post-graduation, Brittani spent some time working in politics, and then moved into her current role as a Project Manager in Technology Communications for Capital One. As a Project Manager in Tech Comms, she works to plan, coordinate, and manage internal events which includes logistics, operations, and strategic communication planning. When she’s not planning corporate events at work, she’s planning private events at the boutique event planning firm she owns, BT Events. BT Events, LLC works to plan weddings, special occasions, and external corporate events for their east coast clientele base. Visit to learn more! Outside of her career and entrepreneurial ventures, Brittani works to empower women through multiple channels, but most frequently through her weekly women’s empowerment podcast, Grapes For Dinner.

As a minority, a business owner, and a woman, Brittani truly values the necessary influence of women’s empowerment. She’s quoted saying: “I wanted to create an organization that held the same ideals close to its heart, as I do to mine. So one could only imagine that with two grandmothers, a mama, twelve aunts, sisters, a handful of “second mothers”, and more cousins than I can count—being an empowered woman was not only something I held onto dearly, but something deeply rooted in my blood.” She feels that being able to directly impact the lives of girls and woman, is one of the reasons she was put on this earth.

When she’s not laser focused on her busy schedule, she enjoys completing DIY projects. She also loves rooftop dinners with friends in the district when the weather is nice, and spending time grocery shopping in local farmer’s markets so she can cook all-organic and delicious meals. All the while, she works to live by the following quotes:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” - Milton Berle, American Comedian & Actor

as well as…

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Cherice McGlone

Cherice grew up as an only child in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a passion for community service, cheerleading, and pageants. She attended Howard University and participated in a variety of clubs and organizations including serving as the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Howard University Student Association and the 21st Century Advantage Program within the Howard University School of Business.  

After graduation, Cherice moved to New York City to work as an HR Specialist. She is currently a Campus Recruiter where she works with students across the USA and Canada to help them find new opportunities within her company. Cherice has her sights set on law school so she can eventually live out her dream of becoming a judge. When she’s not at work, Cherice can be found serving on a team, leading a connect group, or participating in a service day with her church. Cherice is a self-proclaimed member of Beyonce’s “Bey-Hive”, a lover of Asian food, and often finds herself lost in the lives of the characters in the latest novel she’s reading.

Cherice has had an immense passion for community service since a young age. She grew up in a church that stressed the importance of giving back, and when she got older, service was ingrained in her. Cherice has several mentors that have made a tremendous impact in different areas of her life, and she’s always looked forward to being able to impact someone in the same way. She knew that she wanted to mentor young girls like her, so when the opportunity to form Her Success knocked, she jumped at the chance to work with her best friends and impact young women simultaneously.

Cherice has big dreams for the future of Her Success and she’s excited for you to take this journey with her. Cherice lives every day remembering her two favorite quotes:

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." -Joshua 1:9

as well as

"Our Deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...we ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be?" -Marianne Williamson


She'Neil Johnson

Senior consultant for one of the top tech consulting firms turned all natural beauty brand owner and creative entrepreneur....

In 2014 She’Neil Johnson graduated from Howard University’s School of Business with a degree in Management Information Systems. She believed New York was the perfect place for her to focus on building a strong career in business and making the right connections to follow the popular route of working two years corporate, going to business school, then climbing the company ladder of promotions. Little did she know, this city would only become a daily dose of inspiration for the true creative she is.

She’Neil started her full-time career with IBM as a User Experience design consultant, a role she didn’t even know existed until her manager realized outside of her strong background in business and technology, her eye for art and design was a passion that needed to be fueled. While at IBM she lead a multi-person team to design and update eCommerce site features for luxury brand Tiffany & Company that increased engagement 70%, as well as, solely designed a mobile app for one of the firm’s top clients that increased work efficiency for over 200 users. She’Neil also served as IBM’s Diversity Recruiting Ambassador for Historically Black Colleges & Universities and minority students promoting its STEM initiative.

Although She’Neil’s full-time role allowed her to be “creative” she wanted to build something in an environment where she made the rules. It started off as a simple hobby of making natural lip balms and lipsticks, but almost two years later, BASEBUTTER is an established business known for all-natural, multi-purpose beauty product formulated for use on your lips, skin, and hair. Since its inception BASEBUTTER has been featured in ESSENCE, Cosmopolitan, and Nylon Magazine to name a few.

She’Neil has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She sees the power of it, especially in women. Both her older sister and mother have influenced her and that is why she brought the entrepreneurial aspect to Her Success. Throughout school and her career, mentors have been her support system to motivate and push her to her full potential and she definitely wanted to create an organization where we can do that for others. She'Neil quoted:

“Growing up I have been heavily influenced by entrepreneurial women such as my mother, older sister, and aunts. This influence really gave me the confidence to take on leadership roles in school, organizations, and within my career. It has also allowed me to gravitate towards like minded women who I consider my close friends. Even though we have different passions, skills, and interests we all share this entrepreneurial spirit that drives each other everyday day to be uncomfortable with average. The support and drive from the women around me is the main driving force to my success. All that I have achieved thus far I did not obtain alone. These women are my mentors, cheerleaders, and role models. They push me to my full potential. I wanted to create an environment for young girls where they can also become empowered to achieve their wildest dreams.”

When She’Neil is not working you can find her vibing at Wine and Music Mondays (an event she started for herself in the comfort of her room, but occasionally invites others), planning the next world travel experience for her and her boyfriend, or creating looks for her self-titled fashion blog She starts each day with these words,

“The best way to predict the future is by creating it.” -Unknown

She’Neil continues to offer visual design and strategy services through a consulting agency she co-founded called “Sixty West NYC” that focuses on creating a space where people, things, and idea’s stories become the new brand experience.