About Us

Her Success, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization established to carry out the mission of specializing in expanding the limits of extraordinary young women who are often overlooked, discredited, or underrepresented.  The organization was founded by three Virginia Beach natives: She’Neil Johnson, Cherice McGlone, and Brittani Treadway. All three women attended Howard University where they studied various disciplines within the business school and shortly after graduation, the girls knew that they wanted to give back to their community of women.  Consequently, two separate ideas came about, and after being merged under one all-encompassing umbrella, Her Success, Inc., was born.  Today, the organization is broken down into two program initiatives: The Power of She and She Owns It.

The power of she

The Power of She is a traditional mentoring program that is set up to teach life skills and create bonds between high school seniors and young professional women. Through the use of targeted group programming, we aim to equip girls with transferable skills that work to build confidence, self-love, and appreciation of womanhood. Our ultimate goal, naturally aligning with the broader organization, cultivating women to be uncomfortable with average.

she owns it

She Owns It is a series of programs that encourages and gives young women the tools to be become entrepreneurial in all of their endeavors. We will accomplish this through a variety of hands on events and workshops that will be beneficial to both new and established entrepreneurs. She Owns It will cultivate a dominating force of women entrepreneurs.